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    As you know from my earlier posts I’m neck deep in writing new work right now but I got side-tracked yesterday by a blog post by indie romance author Whitney G. about keeping your products (books) fresh. It made me realize that I shouldn’t be clutching to my old book covers like a Titanic survivor to a life raft but rather embrace the ever changing market place and adapt. She goes into full depth on her post about backlists here and book covers here. Re-reading the post she says that one shouldn’t be so concerned with how many books you’ve sold per quarter or year until you have at least…

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    Work Through Chaos

    Recently on Twitter RWA put up a video with author Jamaila Brinkley sharing her tips on writing through the chaos. I love this video because I have two kids under school age and trying to find time to write on most days is like trying to park an F-350 in a compact parking spot. Last month we started our own Get Me Back To Work Campaign here in our house and it’s working like a champ. It has to do with the addition of a laptop to my work schedule. Before, I was tied to the desktop which meant keeping an ear out for the 4 year old on his…

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    Lil’ Bit of Whimsy~

    Around October I took a writing break for the holidays and made a Halloween tote to wrestle all my kids sweaters, baby shoes, water bottles and my Chapstick around in. After making one, I needed to make another for fall harvest/thanksgiving and just like that it was on like Donkey Kong for Christmas. Numbers 3 & 4 I made for our Indian family for Diwali (Hindu holiday much like Christmas here in the US) then the rest I made for Christmas for myself or my mom or sold. Next up: Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! I am back at my desk from the holidays – officially – so…

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    A Scottish Kind of Research

    My beautiful,┬ábeautiful┬áresearch books arrived. They sailed across the Atlantic, spent time in customs then boarded a train, then truck and finished their journey being thrust into my mailbox. It was an excruciating three weeks to wait but it has been worth the wait. Currently, I’m knee deep in book two of Legend of Lady MacLaoch and it’s time to really get a handle on the forest types there in Skye. My town of Glentree maybe fictional but as a forestry major I’d be seriously letting myself down if I didn’t know each leaf, needle and drupe there was to know of my make-believe forest. And what is a Scottish forest…

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    Flower Floozie Monday

    Flower Floozie Monday isn’t a thing but wouldn’t it be nice if it were?? #flowerfloozieMonday I’m sadly lacking flowers this year. Several years back I owned a different home, a home in which my over exuberant 20-something self thought planting 120 flower plants in place of a front lawn would be a stellar idea. Now, I have a new home and more sense (and vastly less time) so I have two roses, a tomato (it’s in bloom) and sad dying hanging basket petunias. #flowerfloozieMonday will be a short run of just four plants. Though, the wild weeds along the path to our mailbox down the street has potential… Stay tuned!…

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    Hello world!

    We are currently undergoing a website remodel in preparation for the BIG remodel of my author site. This will let mobile users read and view the site much easier. Stay tuned!   The transition we are making is from blogger (with a www redirect) to a WordPress site. If you’re interested in doing the same thing, check out this great YouTube tutorial. He has very clear cut instructions and so far they’re working!

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    The Face

    In writing my trilogy The Legend of Lady MacLaoch I have found that returning after a several year hiatus has been hard on my character visuals. I know the feel of the characters but pegging the fine details that makes them unique fluctuates in my writing sections. I’d like to improve my writing so that my characters are tangible and readers are able to recognize them in the people they see in their day to day lives. And that means writing from a picture. The female lead was easy she’s very much like a character I’ve come across on TV, her mannerisms aren’t the same but the physical features are…