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    Hot Mechanics

    Hi Jess thanks for hosting me! I’ve got a fun post for ya today, as you know, Forged is about (among other things) a hot mechanic who’s first love waltzes back into his life turning everything upside down. So with that in mind I thought we’d pay tribute today to all the hot mechanics out there, and of course this will be a visual tribute. :0) Enjoy! This is Military Mechanic. He’s fixing a large rusty gear. Meet Sweat Pant Mechanic. Note awesome hood reflection on right. This is Old School Mechanic. Watch as he tightens the Titanic’s lug nuts. Jason Statham is The Mechanic.   Meet Lazy Mechanic. Too…

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    Hell on Wheels

    My new addiction – which is helping me be not neurotic during my book launch (which is tomorrow *gulp*) – is AMC’s Hell on Wheels. I’ll not lie, I have a Titanic-Sinking Iceberg sized crush on Cullen Bohannon and luuuurrve the interaction between Lily Bell and him. So much so that I wasted a day and made a meme of one of my favorite lines. You’re welcome.

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    Q: In a previous interview you mentioned that you listen to music when you write to set the mood. Did you continue this tradition with Forged? What music helped set the mood for this gritty tale of lost love?Hello Annie and thanks for hosting me again! Yes! I did listen to music while writing Forged, and as you can imagine the playlist was quite different from The Legend of Lady MacLaoch – for those who don’t know, The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is a Scottish romance – I listened to Black Keys (old and new stuff), True Blood Soundtrack, Cee Lo Green, The Cardigans, etc. Here’s a clip of the…

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    Guest Post for Michele Richard

    Hello Michele! Thank you for hosting me today as we go on tour with my latest release: Forged. Michele has asked me to write a piece on why I write, though the reasons are varied, complex and to explain would end up looking more like novel than a blog post. LOL! So, I’ve made a grocery list, of sorts, on the reasons that I write.  Why do I write? Because, it’s fun. Because, how else am I to tell the many love stories in my mind? Research! Because, I can craft stories with my writing and immerse people into another world with words. Because, I love the research.Did I mention…

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    Guest Post for Laura Braley

    Hello everyone! Thank you, Laura, for hosting me today as we go on tour for my second book, Forged which launches this Friday! To kick off the tour I take a look at comparing my first two books to giving birth. :0) A writers work, much like her children vary from child to child; book to book.  A close girlfriend of mine recently gave birth. It was a difficult labor, 54 hours with 4 hours of that as pushing. Most of you will probably gasp at this and say oh my god, how is that possible? As a woman who is looking to someday embark on that voyage I took…

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    Maui on My Mind

    photo [via] Maui, the Valley Isle, is winner of Conde Nast’s Best Island in the World award 17 times. Maui, my home.  First, I want to give Jennifer a big mahalo for hosting me today. I’m on tour with my new book Forged, a high-octane romance both in and out of the bedroom, as one reader put it!  My newest work, Forged. Jennifer and I chatted recently about this post and Jennifer you mentioned that you’d been to Hawai’i to the island of O’ahu but had yet to go to Maui. So with a little help from photos and links I’ve got a great post today enticing you to the…

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    Do Less

    Today: Try to do less.Result: It’s not working. Wordstock is this weekend. Getting pumped for that, but somehow also balancing the fact that I was not invited to be a featured author – I received an amazing rejection letter that didn’t feel like a rejection at all, I can only imagine that an actual writer who has been rejected a million times wrote it – and trying to be happy for those that did. Instead of doing what I want to do, which is drive to their homes and egg them. On the flip side it’s spectacular that this year will have sex toys. I can only imagine that this…

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    This N’ That

    Today we’re headed down to the Willamette river to help the riverkeepers with clean-up. Should be interesting since we start at Kelley Point Park which, I’ve heard, is a fabulous night hangout for druggies. Though, I suspect we’ll find more malicious trash like, tires and drive-thru bags, than hypodermic needles. Great news, the books for my latest release arrived yesterday. Though I over purchased due to a mix up with the pr company I’m currently working with. They said 20 tour stops, so I ordered 20 books thinking that they’d each be doing a review of some kind, or if not all of them then at least 3/4 would. Naw,…

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    Indie Author Night Sweats

    Mt. St. Helen’s [via] Come launch time, and the weeks before it, panic arises. I wake up sweating with an asthma attack thinking of some final thing I’ve over looked. Did I remember to thank Aunty June? What if the printer miss-printed an entire page and I didn’t catch it? What if paragraph three, sentence four is missing ‘it’ and I, and the three other editors missed it? What if I’m hit by a bus and can’t make it to the launch party, who will wear my kickass new dress and pretend to be me cause godforbid, the SHOW MUST GO ON!!  And it will, even if I don’t catch…