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    Guest Post: Cars of Forged

    Hi Frishawn! Thank you for hosting me today as we wrap up our tour for my latest book, a high-octane romance called Forged. We’ve got a fun post today (read: visual tour!) on the types of cars that show up in the book. A little background before we begin, Forged‘s main character, Nate, is a European auto mechanic who enjoys fast women and even faster cars. That is, until his ex walks back into his life. ;0) The car that starts all the shenanagans in the book belongs to our other main character, Eva. Eva drives a BMW 540i. It’s the first nice car she’s owned and she babys it,…

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    Guest Post: Creative Uses for Duct Tape

    We all have at one point or another bore witness to the creative uses of duct tape. Starting with MacGyver in the ’80s showing us how to fix a C40 airplane wing with just a paperclip and duct tape. Later in life we began to find it useful when we needed to repair that lamp in college that broke when it fell on the ground the last time you had a party at your place. It fixed pipes, couch cushions, wrapped gifts, pulled pranks, all that good stuff. Enter the field now a days and duct tape is doing much more than repairs, it’s a: Babysitter (of sorts), Babysitter. Yes,…

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    Little Bit Summer

    The hubby is packing up for his semi-annual epic guys weekend. He’s packed up the entire A/V system from the theater room (which means no Magic Mike party with the girls on Friday, damn!), 10lbs of steaks, filled his humidor with cigars, and packed a thing of fig newtons. As he was shoving everything into the wagon I noticed a.) that it was three degrees shy of freezing out there b.) all the leaves are either yellow or red on the trees and shrubs and c.) that the camellia is blooming like its June. Its roots are in Narnia, that’s the only explanation.