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    Writing Life & Earth Day

    Today, I picked the first roses of the season, inhaled their exotic luscious scent, laid in the sunny garden and took a nap. It’s good to be a writer. First of the season’s roses! They smell like a heady mix of Chardonnay and green apples. Okay, honestly, I didn’t just do that. I gardened too…and got my nails dirty. Then, I sniffed roses and fell asleep in the garden under the springtime sun. :0) My hot n’ sexy garden nails… Happy Earth Day.

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    Art Day

    It’s Art Day here in the office. Me, myself and my coworkers are dressed accordingly. This is how you dress for Art Day: Go to your closet Pick out all the fun and breezy things you want to wear, louder/weirder the better Accessorize loudly, break bounds, make your fingers shout with the crazy. Finish off with a ridiculous pair of socks. Wear with pride. Did you know, it’s super hard to take a picture of yourself with one hand, at arms length? Today, I decided that I’d wear my sack. It is truly a sack, not just a derogatory description of a fine dress nicknamed by the hubby. I bought…

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    Yesterday, as we all know now, the worldly event that is dedicated to health, fitness, wellness and collaborative celebration, the Boston Marathon, was bombed. This year the 26th mile (the end of the race) was dedicated to the Connecticut school shooting victims. There had been twenty-six victims and thus each of the 26 miles of the Boston Marathon stood for one of those children and personnel who were killed. As a writer there comes a time where you must get into the heads of your villains, think like them, develop their profile. With most senseless acts of violence or terror, I’m usually able to follow the bread crumbs to a…

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    Dirty Work

    Been working on getting my second book into .epub format yesterday and today. Which translates roughly into wrestling with Indesign and a 300 page manuscript. The first export smashed all the chapters together (mind you, the Kindle export worked like magic) so I did some digging and online learning from Adobe.TV on the right way to create an epub ebook and low and behold I discovered how to use the Indesign’s Book file. While I was excited about learning something new it was quickly dampened by the fact that I’d essentially have to rip my manuscript apart chapter by chapter and make individual files. All 48 chapters… It’s not only…

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    An Indie Writer’s Breakfast

    Things are progressing here, Aunty’s death was a shock. We’d just celebrated her 94th birthday and despite the near century number we were certain she’d go through PT (she’d recently fallen and was in assisted living) and come out the back side to live another twenty years. She was that kind of woman. The first task in these things is to put together an obituary, my uncle (dad’s brother) has compiled a draft but has asked some of the family to help fill in the gaps with events, stories and dates. I’ll tackle that today, sometime… with a bourbon in hand. But until then I needed a good breakfast. Like…

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    A Dedication to a Woman Most Special

    Today, there is a hole in my heart. My beautiful ninety-four year old aunt passed away in her sleep two nights ago. She was the sister to my grandmother, the woman who helped to raise me, and like her she had a strong will, incredible wit and a deep abiding love for shoes. She was born in Louisiana, spent a few years there before moving to Hawai’i with her family. Many years later she got married to her long time husband Lucien Parish, a fighter pilot for the US Air Force, and enjoyed a life filled with travel and family. On her wedding day. The young woman behind her is…

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    A Day for Cars

    Every year on the first weekend in April Portland hosts the annual auto swap meet. There people from all over bring their cars, car parts and miscellaneous auto and non-auto junk (saw a vintage accordion for sale) to sell. There are many diamonds in all the rough, which makes them glow all the brighter. Hubby’s family has been going to the swap meet since time immemorial. His grandfather had a booth (or ten) every year and would sell Model T parts out of it. The photo above is one of those pieces. An after market kerosene “lantern” for the side of your ’20’s or ’30’s Ford Model A or T.…

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    [via] It’s Crass time again… Up until this past year, I believed my high school health teacher, “If you have sex, you will become pregnant.” Of course I knew the percentages of pregnancy rates depended on the type of baby control you used, but the take home message was clear: you put the eel in the cave you’ll have a baby. Fast forward to seven years into my 13 year courtship with my Lover (calling Hubby that makes him sound naughty) we figure, hey, we just entered our 30’s, life’s slowed down a pace, let’s jack things up by procreating, k? OK. [via] Prior to this though, I should mention…

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    Misty Mountains

    Misty Mountains are one of my favorite things. When I wrote my first romance about a woman traveling to Scotland it was an easy surrounding to dive into. Scotland is similar to Portland as it is to my home town on Maui. The mountains are misty. The picture above is taken off my phone (apologies for the crappy pixelation  and while it was beautiful and ethereal when I took it, it seems a touch creepy now. Stalker-ish. Slasher-like in an old ’70’s film sort of way… ANYWAY) during my morning commute (walk) I get a good view of the Grotto on Rocky Butte. Rocky Butte is hard to build on…