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    Garden Porn

    Going over administrative things today – mainly more ways to do/be marketing/profitable without having to actually do the work… it’s not going well – and as I scour the internet I’m reminded on how important visual representation is. One’s blog is like one’s face, if we were to compare websites to people, and the nicer it is the more people like to linger and read what you’re about. Kind of like how good looking people attract a lot of attention. Though, just as quickly, they can lose the attention if the goodness is just skin deep. So after viewing loads of disorganized blogs and websites I had to run to…

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    House Remodel

    This will serve as the “before” picture. Stay tuned for updates! So, we’re remodeling the basement. Here’s the deets: Roughly 600 sq ft of unfinished space will become finished. In the cavernous space will be a bedroom, bathroom, sitting area and a utility room. Right now, they’re jackhammering. Writing effectiveness for today: 20% Said jackhammer. Yes, it is a brute.

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    Writing… aaaaand more writing

    Been spending the entirety of this week doing final touches on EPA Agent before sending it off to the editor the week of the 20th. The two things that I’m having to write and re-write – because the first iterations where so retarded not even a drunken lunatic would enjoy them – are the sex scenes. Basically, they feel forced, which for other scenes you can kind of skim over, but not sex scenes, (and I pride myself on kickass sex scenes). So before this thing leaves my hot little hands they have to be at least a fraction of awesome. Right now they’re not in the same universe. So…

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    A Fond Farewell

    This last week, while I was not writing here, I was on Maui celebrating with my family. My Aunt Ferne passed a few weeks ago and as a result, my family got together and spent a week partying, celebrating her life and giving her one last toast. Yes, it’s quite Irish of us. Scotch-Irish to be exact. Here’s a few snaps from my time there: Blue skies… all damn day long… sigh, so nice. My favorite spot on my aunty and uncle’s front lawn. Yes, that’s their infinity pool. Family playing in the pool. Aunty sporting her British accessories she wore to her daughter’s wedding in Ireland – quite swank,…