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A Fond Farewell

This last week, while I was not writing here, I was on Maui celebrating with my family. My Aunt Ferne passed a few weeks ago and as a result, my family got together and spent a week partying, celebrating her life and giving her one last toast. Yes, it’s quite Irish of us. Scotch-Irish to be exact.

Here’s a few snaps from my time there:

Blue skies… all damn day long… sigh, so nice.

My favorite spot on my aunty and uncle’s front lawn. Yes, that’s their infinity pool.

Family playing in the pool.

Aunty sporting her British accessories she wore to her daughter’s wedding in Ireland – quite swank, esp. the towel!

Family adoring aunty’s facinator.

The goods get tried on by all! :0)

On the boat out to our family’s burial site off Lahaina. My sis saying something like, “Take my picture and I’ll kill–“

Us, looking for Kim Kardashian on the Celebrity Cruiseliner – Kim! Kim? You there??

Fourth and fifth generation bonding time, on our favorite place: the ocean.

Mom (in the hat, looking like a natural water babe) with her friend.

Getting ready to say aloha to Aunty Ferne…

Now, we sail….

Capt. at the helm before my dad and uncle took over. Old sailing champs never loose the itch to fill the sails with wind.

Round one, uncle at the helm.

Cups of champagne for “Champagne Ferne” at the ready for toasting!
Time to get rowdy, it’s picture time! Me, in the pink shorts, wrestling my sister into place.

Almost there… Come-on mom! … Where’s dad??

Here we all are, for one last buh-bye….

Bye Aunty Ferne! We love you!

Now, just one last toast for the guest of honor….

And one last game of hide the cork….

Before the sun set on it all, and we, from the bottoms of our hearts (and cups) said, aloha ‘oe.

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