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Writing… aaaaand more writing

Been spending the entirety of this week doing final touches on EPA Agent before sending it off to the editor the week of the 20th. The two things that I’m having to write and re-write – because the first iterations where so retarded not even a drunken lunatic would enjoy them – are the sex scenes. Basically, they feel forced, which for other scenes you can kind of skim over, but not sex scenes, (and I pride myself on kickass sex scenes). So before this thing leaves my hot little hands they have to be at least a fraction of awesome. Right now they’re not in the same universe.

So as I edit and whittle and pray to the good lord to send me down some copy direct from the heavens above, my book sales have plunged directly into the shitter. I know exactly why, I’m not out there pimping them and, my friends, it’s a big ass market, one must make waves in order to be seen. And right now I’m ignoring it. My marketing side to my brain is going, “ACK!!! OMG!!! We’re gonna get lost in the mix and DIE!!!!!!!!!” It’s the draw back of being both a marketing professional and a creative writer, no one’s happy 100% of the time.

On a happy note, the sun is out!!! And I’m not able to enjoy it because I’m a slave to my desk… sigh. Eeyore returns.

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