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Don’t ask me why, but I got an itch to replace my second book’s cover. Some folks didn’t understand the original, and to be frank I think it delved too deeply into the literary realm. There was some thinking involved with what the cover meant. The cover is knockout when viewed on a paperback, and I’m not considering changing that, but the ebook just doesn’t have the same punch.

Some authors change their ebook cover when the weather shifts. I, however, like to test the waters then change it (then dream of changing it everyday until a fan writes me and says OMG I LOVE THIS COVER!! YOU CHANGED MY LIFE – and yes, it has to be in all caps) leaving it until an edition change. My second book isn’t quite there yet, and while I really want to update everything – because I’m so excited!!! – I have to wait and do a touch of PR work before I just whoopsy-daisy change it.

But, because I have ants in my pants I’m posting it here, so that I feel like I published it, without actually doing that. It’s like how Coke Zero works, you feel like you went ahead and had a full-on luscious sugar laden Coke, but deep inside you know you didn’t, not really. OK, bad analogy. It’s like eating a piece of cake instead of mawing the whole sheet of it. Even though, what you really want is to sit down and slam-nom the whole thing.

I think I’m hungry.


Here’s the old cover:

The main character works for a magazine and interned with Vogue, hence the magazine-like cover.

But, in reality there’s some kinky stuff in this book. Not to mention gritty language that might be a surprise for readers.

So all in all, we go with a theme that is a little bit more of a warning to readers: caution, kink, grit and sex ahead. And I like the bold black and red theme, which was kinda by accident. Though, now that I’ve changed this I’m wondering about the blurb… to change the blurb or not, this is not the question… Rather – now that I’ve mentioned cake, above – shall I eat cake or dinner first?


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