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    How I Write 101

    All writers are different. Some do their best work secluded in a mountain cabin with nothing but bacon and firewood to keep them fed and warm while others jot down lines while sitting on the potty doing their morning biz. I on the other hand am a fussy writer, I have to have my diligent structure and routine. And when I get fussy-pants about the constriction I break out and write from my couch on the laptop or on a pad of paper in the lounge chair. But most of all now that I write full-time, I need downtime. I write my stories in my head, work out chapters characters…

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    Cowboys and Indians

    A couple weekends ago I headed out to Wallowa to visit a friend whose family runs a cattle ranch out there (you might be familiar with Carman Ranch, luscious grass fed beef operation that now carries pork [read:BACON!!]). Wallowa is 6 hours (4 hours if you drive like a maniac, not that I would know) east of Portland and in a mildly arid plains area of Oregon. It’s epic ranching land as the Wallowas (dubbed the Little Swiss Alps, the picturesque mountains in the background photo above) provide natural water source to the lake and rivers that run through the county. This is pure country. Indian and cowboy country that…

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    Today, we write.Just like yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Why are sequels so hard to stay committed to? I love my characters but once they do the humpity I lose all interest in finishing the story, their story, the little lovely details of their life. Is that bad? Am I a new-love adrenaline junkie? Id: Yes. Now go write more of that boring ass love crap. I think I’ll kill someone off in this book. There, happiness returned! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!

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    When I’m working something out, be it an issue or a scene in my books I bake. Cook. Fry. Chop. When I’m stressed, I’m like a restaurant feeding a party of five-thousand. Last week when my house project stalled, my manuscript hadn’t been reviewed yet, my father got a bullshit diagnosis of Parkinson’s-Plus (which comes with a five year life expectancy), my family whipped up a plate load of drama from my brother’s visit home and to top it all off I had PMS so bad I was a homicidal maniac — so what’d I do? Instead of killing people randomly as they got off at the bus stop at…