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    And Darkness Consumes Us

    Image via An ill wind is brewing. It rises in the west and carries forth its putrid air to my shores. I smell its approach as it crests wave tops and mountain peaks, sliding and slithering into the depths of my subconscious. I feel it coming, an insidious plague of foul breath upon my loved ones, a stench of malady injected into the ties that bind. Eroding and corroding away at love and tenderness until nothing but emptiness and rage are left. Shoo you foul wind. Be gone you odious letch, let the demons snatch you back from whence you came.

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    Give a Fucks and Fall Foliage

    The scenery on my morning walk – GORGEOUS! Back into the normal routine of morning walks, I was greeted by an immense color display this morning that only mother nature could conjure up. Fiery reds, blinding yellows and the blend of all colors in between. Throw in some fog and morning chill and fall has officially started! For your touring pleasure: Give-a-fucks. Now onto part II of this post. And no I’ll not be tying fall foliage and give-a-fucks together here. I’m just going to awkwardly dive right in. It’s a phrase that can be one or three words. It can be used sarcastically, literally or figuratively. It’s a well…

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    It’s Just a Trifle of a Cold… or the Apocalypse if You’re Pregnant

    Me, cheesin’ it up in the bathroom mirror (sent pic to my ma) First, I just want to welcome myself back to work today. And with that I realized that the last meal I had at my desk a week ago was apparently tar paper and sawdust. My keyboard and mouse have smears of oily stickum that defy removal with water and a scrub with the corner of my sweater. And the crumbs… lord the crumbs! What the hell was I eating?? Damn. Just found some on the keys of the keyboard —- standby for nuclear cleaning tactics. Ahhhhhhhh. All better. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Welcome back. Pregnancy…

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    Fall’s Bounty

    Thankfully my second trimester has arrived in its full fledged form and has returned to me my appetite and love for all things edible. This morning I realized that we had a ton of veggies and fruit from our Bountiful Basket and farm visit so what’s a girl to do with bacon, onion, apples, potatoes and eggs?? Answer (written in pregnancy hunger exclamation): EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE!! That’s right! Chop, saute, top with two eggs and devour. Start with some bacon… Add diced onions….. Once browned, chop and add potato and apple…. Top with a sunny-side up egg (or if you’re prego, make it two). That’s it! And now,…

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    First of October – Holy $&*%#!!

    Lovely rain dumping skies, dark and gray – perfect for Fall baking! I <3 bad weather. Getting ready to hit the Wordstock Festival this weekend and looking at the calendar realized that we’re solidly in October now – ermegherd!! How’d that happen?? I think this is the time of year when we look over our shoulders to the first part of the year and think, I didn’t camp, bbq, bicycle, foosball, whatever enough! I’ve decided to call this Personal Flagellation week. Or in my case “WTF why aren’t my books published yet” week. Then I remember that for three and a half months I was laid out with the baby-making…