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Helloooo Fall!

I love being a writer.

It’s one of those awesome jobs that lets you wear what you want, stay at home, or go out. You can write in the back room or the front. You can write in a coffee shop or in bed. It’s really swell. It’s even better to write in the Fall, Winter and Spring. The middle of summer? Sucks. I believe I might not be the only writer who feels this way. Summers are hot, sweaty and beckon to be enjoyed out of doors.

Me propping up little one on a pumpkin in the scorched earth patch.

This year Oregon’s summer stretched on FOREVER. Last week it was 90. Ninety in October in Oregon is like winning Powerball. It just doesn’t happen. Because of this oddity I am now buying lotto tickets. Last week we hit the pumpkin patch with friends and our babies. We were expecting warm weather but also expected a cool fall breeze. Not what we actually had which was so hot that we had to hide our fair haired children in the shade to keep them from sizzling in the sun. No. See, pumpkin patches are all about hot cider and donuts. Pink cheeks and frosty breaths. Were had our Fall gone?

This week I rejoice.

This week, the heat has broken and the evening temps are finally hitting the forties. The days are still warm in the seventies but soon the sixties will be here and frosty breaths will abide. And so will cowl neck sweaters, fleece lined yoga pants, chunky knits and baking. Sigh… I love Fall!

Morning walk with the little one. So beautiful! Excellent inspiration for Scottish Highlands love story.

The other beautiful thing about Fall and the cool weather is the fog. One of my books is set in Scotland and I have the hardest time working on it during the summer months. Now that Fall has arrived it’s time to delve back into it. Time to hibernate in a darkened corner with my laptop and soaring imagination while fog wraps her ethereal cloak around us. 

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