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My, What a Nice Typeface You Have

It’s just a few months before the novel gets booted over to editing for it’s enslavement to the proper written word and I can’t help but start to play with advertising designs. Having good buttons for a novel so you can punt them out to paid services not only saves you time in the midst of a book release but it’s also fun. :0)

I’m terrible at design. Art comes naturally for me but the finer points of creating something that doesn’t look like a monkey with a crayon created it escapes me. For the two ads I’ve created I had to do a lot of soul searching and tempering my artistic enthusiasm. I make the classic beginner’s mistake of adding all the pretty things onto one blank canvas. The result often resembles creative vomit.

This round of designing ads I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about text/fonts/typeface and how they interact together without being distracting. Like did you know that the go-to typeface for book text is Garamond? It’s the most readable without making your eyes sore over the long run. I often start with a font I like then mix in one other one for contrast but this year I realized I’d like to have the book cover do all the talking rather than having the background and text compete with it.

These two websites helped me the most in understanding the finer points of font mixing:

The original ad I had was utilizng the same text on the front of the novel and it just wasn’t working. It’s not a bad idea but in this instance I think I needed the book to stand alone on the page – for it to not blend with it’s surroundings but pop – and the text to be easily read. Especially in a sea of man chests, heaving bosoms and rioting pastels I wanted it to be calm and straightforward. Much like the novel’s hero. 

It’s fairly plain and that suits for most venues. The words across the top are in the font Derivia and the font with the side description is FreesiaUPC in Adobe’s Illustrator CS5. It has a very professional, clean cut look to it. So naturally I wanted another one, but for it to be more splashy.
Here’s the second. It kind of reminds me maybe of a True Blood ad….which will disappoint since there’s not a single blood sucking hottie in any of this novel.
The blood red text is uncletypewritter (you can find it on and the other you might recognize as Courier New. :0) 
I’m still not sure on if these will be the last versions of the ads. I usually love them then I’ll have a cycle where I hate everything about the ads and make more then become exhausted with the whole idea and revert to using the originals.
Fun though, especially since all of this means the end of a book, aka its birth into the world via publication. Yahoo!

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