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The Face

In writing my trilogy The Legend of Lady MacLaoch I have found that returning after a several year hiatus has been hard on my character visuals. I know the feel of the characters but pegging the fine details that makes them unique fluctuates in my writing sections. I’d like to improve my writing so that my characters are tangible and readers are able to recognize them in the people they see in their day to day lives. And that means writing from a picture. The female lead was easy she’s very much like a character I’ve come across on TV, her mannerisms aren’t the same but the physical features are alike enough that I can write from her photo. But the male lead is such a unique individual, made up of many men that I’ve come across in my own life that finding one picture was impossible. However, finding multiple images to create one person was.

Using Adobe Photoshop I dropped in the first image on a black background and changed the opacity for the layer 1 to be 50%. After getting him situated I created another layer and dropped in the second photo. I adjusted to 50% then aligned the eyes. I feel like this is where you can really get different results. Aligning the eyes gave me a center point since our eyes are located in the middle of our face. The rest I pulled and tugged on the corners and sides to get the rest of the face mostly aligned. Then, I dropped in the next image and repeated until all the images were in.

I’m not sure if this is really how facial blending works best but it gave me workable results. Note that if you change the order of the faces in the layer menu you can get slightly different faces.

In this image we have: Richard Armitage, James McAvoy, Cillian Murphy, and Matt Bomer.

The photo seems to morph the more you look at it, as if it’s changing to an image our brains are wanting to see.

I think that this can go on forever and ever, I’ve seen compilations that show what the average person of a country look like. I assume these are hundreds of images:

[via Fstoppers]

Have you tried facial compilations? Have you done it the same or have another technique to do it?

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