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A Scottish Kind of Research

My beautiful, beautiful research books arrived. They sailed across the Atlantic, spent time in customs then boarded a train, then truck and finished their journey being thrust into my mailbox. It was an excruciating three weeks to wait but it has been worth the wait.

Currently, I’m knee deep in book two of Legend of Lady MacLaoch and it’s time to really get a handle on the forest types there in Skye. My town of Glentree maybe fictional but as a forestry major I’d be seriously letting myself down if I didn’t know each leaf, needle and drupe there was to know of my make-believe forest. And what is a Scottish forest without a cozy Scottish bothy?

Without further adieu, my research and a cup of tea (iced, because I might be reading Scotland but it’s 100 degrees here in Portland, Oregon) awaits.

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