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Flower Floozie Monday

Flower Floozie Monday isn’t a thing but wouldn’t it be nice if it were?? #flowerfloozieMonday

I’m sadly lacking flowers this year. Several years back I owned a different home, a home in which my over exuberant 20-something self thought planting 120 flower plants in place of a front lawn would be a stellar idea. Now, I have a new home and more sense (and vastly less time) so I have two roses, a tomato (it’s in bloom) and sad dying hanging basket petunias. #flowerfloozieMonday will be a short run of just four plants. Though, the wild weeds along the path to our mailbox down the street has potential…

Stay tuned!

For this Flower Floozie Monday I have the lovely cream and strawberry colored Coretta Scott King from Heirloom Roses here in Oregon.

Have a great Monday!


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