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As you know from my earlier posts I’m neck deep in writing new work right now but I got side-tracked yesterday by a blog post by indie romance author Whitney G. about keeping your products (books) fresh. It made me realize that I shouldn’t be clutching to my old book covers like a Titanic survivor to a life raft but rather embrace the ever changing market place and adapt. She goes into full depth on her post about backlists here and book covers here.

Re-reading the post she says that one shouldn’t be so concerned with how many books you’ve sold per quarter or year until you have at least 5 or 6. Whew! *wipes brow* But with The Legend of Lady MacLaoch doing well these last few years and now I can’t get more than ten books downloaded off a free promo day I think it is high time to think about covers.

Having spent six years in marketing then doing my own here at Ha’iku Press I’ve got close to 12 years in the industry but the sub-industry of genre fiction romance I’m still a little lamb. So when I set out to re-do Legend’s title I had to do a lot of digging in the marketplace to see what I had to contend with and frankly it’s a lot of shirtless men and tartan plaids! Yahoo! Current title is sorely lacking in plaid:

The new cover is going to be a LOT more eye catching:

With the advice of Whitney G. under my belt, I shall now foray into the wilds of KDP and upload.

Have you done a cover change? Any advice?

[3/13/19 Edit – So the font on the one above was bugging me since I posted this, it’s like bad ’70’s porn and I don’t want my titles to have that shag-e-delic feel to it. I think I was so pumped about creating something that was so different that I ran off half-cocked and now that the pieces of my hyped mind have returned I can see it for the weeds. :0) Enter: Cover 3.0: (Can I get any more colons?:) Maybe just one more:

Now, here’s a power forward of a Scottish book cover!
Or maybe this is better? More polished…

[Edit 7/6/19: Aaaaaaand even with time it’s best to get second opinions. We had house guests and I circulated photos of the new cover and by and large people didn’t like the second version’s text, they said it was blah. So I went back to the drawing board and got this one. I bought a foil filter and lit up my text. Now, it shines and it looks less like ’70’s porn romance cover and more like shiny glossy gold men and the promise of a curse. I hope. It won’t be released for another few months or so, so in the mean time I’ll accost more people who read the genre and get their opinions.]

I decided I wanted to keep the identity of the first cover that told you that you’d have more of a literary experience with the book in so much that there’s a tight story and not just girls falling over with wet panties at the sight of the hero. That the sex in the back of the book will be well worth it and the final ride will have you asking for the second book. I also want people to know that this story WILL HAVE SEX IN IT I PROMISE YOU. I love a good read and enjoy a well-got relationship and its culmination. DO NOT CLOSE THAT BEDROOM DOOR! If I am the main character in the books I read, do not cheapen the ride by exiting stage left when it’s time to get intimate. Like Diana Gabaldon says: sex is part of the human experience, I’m writing the human experience so why should I exclude it?

*claps* AMEN!

SO. Now that I have a new cover that is more literary looking than the last one, would you read it? Anything I missed?]

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