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Work Through Chaos

Recently on Twitter RWA put up a video with author Jamaila Brinkley sharing her tips on writing through the chaos.

I love this video because I have two kids under school age and trying to find time to write on most days is like trying to park an F-350 in a compact parking spot. Last month we started our own Get Me Back To Work Campaign here in our house and it’s working like a champ. It has to do with the addition of a laptop to my work schedule. Before, I was tied to the desktop which meant keeping an ear out for the 4 year old on his tablet during the toddler’s nap time and not very focused on the task at hand. Now I can sit next to him (headphones on, the two of us) on his tablet while he does his educational lessons/games/videos (we’re currently using ABC Mouse) and work. I do edits, marketing and other short activities like this blog post that can be interrupted to answer questions or for a baby tickle.

Currently I’ve started a whopper of a story, it’s going to be a trilogy or saga (please, no, I cannot have that much to say, can I??) because there’s so much story that’s coming out of me. I’ve been happy with my past stand alone novels and that’s typically how they’ve come but this one is a multifaceted futuristic beauty that I started in 2013 on a whim and had a story edit done on it with my editor. She said she wanted to see more of the main character’s evolution from woman with everything to the one at the end who is an assassin. I said, OK, and put the book away because Serendipity of Fate popped into my brain and I wrote that one NaNoWriMo and decided to publish it first. (Which is appalling, I know, I should be writing the sequel to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch!) Now, this futuristic beauty – working title Goodnight Raine – popped back out in a serious way and is getting put to paper quickly. Right now the first book in the three (four?) part series is closing in on 100K words and I’m scarit! It’s soooooooooooo many words… Sure some will get cut in editing but good lordy, has all the time I’ve spent not writing gotten bottled up and now is shooting out like breastmilk at letdown? Whatever it is that’s happening I’m glad for it.

If there are any other writer parents out there, does your work station look like mine above? Just enough room on the couch for your bottom and the scenic kaleidoscope of primary colored toys just beyond your feet?

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