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    The Face

    In writing my trilogy The Legend of Lady MacLaoch I have found that returning after a several year hiatus has been hard on my character visuals. I know the feel of the characters but pegging the fine details that makes them unique fluctuates in my writing sections. I’d like to improve my writing so that my characters are tangible and readers are able to recognize them in the people they see in their day to day lives. And that means writing from a picture. The female lead was easy she’s very much like a character I’ve come across on TV, her mannerisms aren’t the same but the physical features are…

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    My, What a Nice Typeface You Have

    It’s just a few months before the novel gets booted over to editing for it’s enslavement to the proper written word and I can’t help but start to play with advertising designs. Having good buttons for a novel so you can punt them out to paid services not only saves you time in the midst of a book release but it’s also fun. :0) I’m terrible at design. Art comes naturally for me but the finer points of creating something that doesn’t look like a monkey with a crayon created it escapes me. For the two ads I’ve created I had to do a lot of soul searching and tempering…

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    Lemme Give You Some Advice – Traditional Publish

    I got an email from my girl A (she’s my top reviewer and publishes her own book review blog) about a friend of her’s who knew a guy who wanted to know how to get his book published. It’s a question that is three times removed from me, I have no idea how good his book is (not sure that matters, really) or how committed he is to getting published but I responded nonetheless. I’m not a big wig author so getting this question is awesome. I slip on my professor glasses and happily climb up on my soap box and learn him some publishing things. In the course of…

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    You know what I love?The randomness of this blog. Take for example the last post, Babysitting! And today’s post? PUGZ! I love it. The update, BTW, on babysitter hunting? We caught one and she’s currently serving time at our house one day a week…. *BLISS* She’s here to help me, like today, so that I can accomplish those monumental tasks such as working making memes. Here’s the latest (I say that like I make them daily, not that I’ve only made four in the last four years): Happy Hump Day! Or should we say Slump Day for all those with Cinco de Mayo hangovers?

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    The Babysitter

    It’s begun. The epic trip into Having Someone Else Look After Your Child. The place every mother both dreads and looks forward to. I’ve realized early on that anything associated with children can be turned into a money making venture. Take for example cloth diapers. Cheapest thing on the planet right? No. There’s a company out there who (Ragababe) charges close to forty dollars a diaper and still can’t figure out a way to produce enough diapers so they don’t have shortages. Every. Single. Time. It’s sold out in seconds. They even have announcements on their Facebook page on when they’ll be selling, which feels like hype. Several years have…

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    Sleep. What’s That?

    [via] Another insomniac night. Another night to go through the list of unaccomplished tasks and begin the self flagellation. Another night to run a story through my mind. Another night to sigh and turn, thinking that my son’s 12 hour sleep schedule is being wasted. Not another night where I lay in bed for hours trying to get back to sleep. This morning (early, early morning) I will waste my sleep hours pounding keyboard buttons. I’ve often wondered, while lying awake in bed, on why is it that when we are most tired we can’t sleep? Take, for instance, now. I sit here at my computer typing words onto the…

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    Helloooo Fall!

    I love being a writer. It’s one of those awesome jobs that lets you wear what you want, stay at home, or go out. You can write in the back room or the front. You can write in a coffee shop or in bed. It’s really swell. It’s even better to write in the Fall, Winter and Spring. The middle of summer? Sucks. I believe I might not be the only writer who feels this way. Summers are hot, sweaty and beckon to be enjoyed out of doors. Me propping up little one on a pumpkin in the scorched earth patch. This year Oregon’s summer stretched on FOREVER. Last week…

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    Raising a Human

    image via I woke up this morning with the overwhelming realization that I’m raising a human. Society covers up this fact for new parents with baby showers, congratulation parties, fun toys and the general gist that EVERYONE can do this, and it’s fun! Yay! It wasn’t until this morning that it really hit me (five months since my son was born) that I am raising a human. Yes, I know he’s a.) human and b.) I’m raising him. It was the deeper implications of that. The bone jarring realization that he will be a human that will someday vote. A human that will buy groceries for his family and be…