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    Flower Floozie Monday

    Flower Floozie Monday isn’t a thing but wouldn’t it be nice if it were?? #flowerfloozieMonday I’m sadly lacking flowers this year. Several years back I owned a different home, a home in which my over exuberant 20-something self thought planting 120 flower plants in place of a front lawn would be a stellar idea. Now, I have a new home and more sense (and vastly less time) so I have two roses, a tomato (it’s in bloom) and sad dying hanging basket petunias. #flowerfloozieMonday will be a short run of just four plants. Though, the wild weeds along the path to our mailbox down the street has potential… Stay tuned!…

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    Fall’s Bounty

    Thankfully my second trimester has arrived in its full fledged form and has returned to me my appetite and love for all things edible. This morning I realized that we had a ton of veggies and fruit from our Bountiful Basket and farm visit so what’s a girl to do with bacon, onion, apples, potatoes and eggs?? Answer (written in pregnancy hunger exclamation): EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE!! That’s right! Chop, saute, top with two eggs and devour. Start with some bacon… Add diced onions….. Once browned, chop and add potato and apple…. Top with a sunny-side up egg (or if you’re prego, make it two). That’s it! And now,…

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    Writing Writers Write Right Now

    My new flag pole. I was going to hang a Fall flag but 100 degree days deemed it inappropriate. :0) Someone said it’s Fall, and I say WHERE?! Right now my office is a chilly 72 degrees but outside my window it is soaring upward toward 100 degrees. Now, before you say, “So what, same with the rest of the world.” Let me add that it’s Oregon. Here in Oregon we assume that Summer starts July 5th and lasts (if we’re lucky) through Sept. 20. Short, sweet and it gets the sun out of the way in one nice neat jaunt so we can get back to our regularly scheduled…

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    Garden Porn

    Going over administrative things today – mainly more ways to do/be marketing/profitable without having to actually do the work… it’s not going well – and as I scour the internet I’m reminded on how important visual representation is. One’s blog is like one’s face, if we were to compare websites to people, and the nicer it is the more people like to linger and read what you’re about. Kind of like how good looking people attract a lot of attention. Though, just as quickly, they can lose the attention if the goodness is just skin deep. So after viewing loads of disorganized blogs and websites I had to run to…

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    Writing Life & Earth Day

    Today, I picked the first roses of the season, inhaled their exotic luscious scent, laid in the sunny garden and took a nap. It’s good to be a writer. First of the season’s roses! They smell like a heady mix of Chardonnay and green apples. Okay, honestly, I didn’t just do that. I gardened too…and got my nails dirty. Then, I sniffed roses and fell asleep in the garden under the springtime sun. :0) My hot n’ sexy garden nails… Happy Earth Day.

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    Sun is Gone, Fever is Over

    Here in the PNW we get little sun. It’s well documented that we, on average, have the highest suicide rate in the nation – mainly due to the lack of winter sun. And Spring sun. And Summer sun… This past week the sun had been blaring, temps soared and everyone was optimistic about the future. Yesterday and today though? No sun, more thoughts of wrist slitting. In that week of sun though, I cleared areas of weeds in my gardens (yes that’s plural) and planted seeds like a merry spring time fairy come down from the heavens above on a bright ray of sunshine to sprinkle the fruits of the…

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    Little Bit Summer

    The hubby is packing up for his semi-annual epic guys weekend. He’s packed up the entire A/V system from the theater room (which means no Magic Mike party with the girls on Friday, damn!), 10lbs of steaks, filled his humidor with cigars, and packed a thing of fig newtons. As he was shoving everything into the wagon I noticed a.) that it was three degrees shy of freezing out there b.) all the leaves are either yellow or red on the trees and shrubs and c.) that the camellia is blooming like its June. Its roots are in Narnia, that’s the only explanation.