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    Work Through Chaos

    Recently on Twitter RWA put up a video with author Jamaila Brinkley sharing her tips on writing through the chaos. I love this video because I have two kids under school age and trying to find time to write on most days is like trying to park an F-350 in a compact parking spot. Last month we started our own Get Me Back To Work Campaign here in our house and it’s working like a champ. It has to do with the addition of a laptop to my work schedule. Before, I was tied to the desktop which meant keeping an ear out for the 4 year old on his…

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    Lil’ Bit of Whimsy~

    Around October I took a writing break for the holidays and made a Halloween tote to wrestle all my kids sweaters, baby shoes, water bottles and my Chapstick around in. After making one, I needed to make another for fall harvest/thanksgiving and just like that it was on like Donkey Kong for Christmas. Numbers 3 & 4 I made for our Indian family for Diwali (Hindu holiday much like Christmas here in the US) then the rest I made for Christmas for myself or my mom or sold. Next up: Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! I am back at my desk from the holidays – officially – so…

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    The Babysitter

    It’s begun. The epic trip into Having Someone Else Look After Your Child. The place every mother both dreads and looks forward to. I’ve realized early on that anything associated with children can be turned into a money making venture. Take for example cloth diapers. Cheapest thing on the planet right? No. There’s a company out there who (Ragababe) charges close to forty dollars a diaper and still can’t figure out a way to produce enough diapers so they don’t have shortages. Every. Single. Time. It’s sold out in seconds. They even have announcements on their Facebook page on when they’ll be selling, which feels like hype. Several years have…

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    Sleep. What’s That?

    [via] Another insomniac night. Another night to go through the list of unaccomplished tasks and begin the self flagellation. Another night to run a story through my mind. Another night to sigh and turn, thinking that my son’s 12 hour sleep schedule is being wasted. Not another night where I lay in bed for hours trying to get back to sleep. This morning (early, early morning) I will waste my sleep hours pounding keyboard buttons. I’ve often wondered, while lying awake in bed, on why is it that when we are most tired we can’t sleep? Take, for instance, now. I sit here at my computer typing words onto the…

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    Raising a Human

    image via I woke up this morning with the overwhelming realization that I’m raising a human. Society covers up this fact for new parents with baby showers, congratulation parties, fun toys and the general gist that EVERYONE can do this, and it’s fun! Yay! It wasn’t until this morning that it really hit me (five months since my son was born) that I am raising a human. Yes, I know he’s a.) human and b.) I’m raising him. It was the deeper implications of that. The bone jarring realization that he will be a human that will someday vote. A human that will buy groceries for his family and be…

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    Repeat After Me: My Life is Perfect

    Wash, rinse and repeat! [image via] Been rolling around in my own self pity the last few weeks. Can’t get the house clean, can’t get the laundry done, can’t get work done, can’t get baby to nap, can’t watch a full feature length movie at full volume, my insides are falling down, my boob gets painful blisters, the kid is crying again, etc. It’s time to turn that frown upside down, let me tell you how perfect my life is. 1. My baby sleeps through the night. Has since he was just over a month old. BOOYAH!2. I work from home on my own hours. OH-YA!3. My husband also works…

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    Don’t Worry, It’s Just Your Insides Falling Out

    Hmmm what to write?You ever sit down at your computer and think, I have so many things to write about that it will take me ten years to write about them all?That’s how I feel right now. So, let’s just dive right in and see if I can shave off a few years. Mothering is going well, though I’m starting to run into things I wasn’t prepared for. Things I hadn’t heard of, and I’m the type of person who absorbs people’s antidotes like a sponge. I might not remember your name, but I’ll remember your story about how you solved your dog’s flea problem with pennyroyal tea. Nobody told…

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    Night Guardians

    Pablo Picasso’s Maternity, 1905  There are mothers everywhere who sit with me now. In distant places, Mothers who hold their sleepy babes in their arms and to their breast. We are the guardians of the morning-night, ever watchful over our dark domains. In our tired arms rest our weary new souls. We touch their soft hands and caress their powdery cheeks. Time stands still for us, as if mother nature does indeed pause tide and time for man. This moment, in the morning-night, is still like the sleeping babes we hold. Whose fluttery lashes wink and lull against breast warmed cheeks. It is here, in our arms that we become…

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    Gift Horse

    I find myself sitting down at the computer now with something odd in my life: time. I know that at this very moment I am looking a gift horse straight in the mouth… but really, what am I to do with all this time? My son is sleeping longer and I know it won’t last. There are a million things that I can do in this time but I find myself wanting to do, surprisingly, nothing. I shall eat bonbons and gaze lovingly up the nostrils of this gift horse. Thank you very much.

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    A Child is Born

    It’s done.It’s finally happened, my son is in my arms. Three weeks ago today we headed to the hospital, I birthed my son in a screaming rush of amniotic fluid and it’s been bliss since. Well, mostly. Being a new mom there are loads of things that you read about and learn about before the big day. The big ones being when to: nurse, change the diaper and put the baby down before you shake them. Naturally, I figured with all my research there would be little that would surprise me, while that is still true I wasn’t prepared for subtle things to surprised me. Like instinctual draw. For example,…