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    Lil’ Bit of Whimsy~

    Around October I took a writing break for the holidays and made a Halloween tote to wrestle all my kids sweaters, baby shoes, water bottles and my Chapstick around in. After making one, I needed to make another for fall harvest/thanksgiving and just like that it was on like Donkey Kong for Christmas. Numbers 3 & 4 I made for our Indian family for Diwali (Hindu holiday much like Christmas here in the US) then the rest I made for Christmas for myself or my mom or sold. Next up: Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! I am back at my desk from the holidays – officially – so…

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    Things I’m Thankful For

    This week is Thanksgiving and I’d like to make a list of five things that I’m thankful for: 1. My family. By blood, by marriage, we’re all in it this life together for better and worse. 2. A beautiful peaceful home filled with love and light. 3. My pugalicious pugs. My babies. 4. The hand I’ve been dealt in this life. Career, friends and my never ending parking luck. 5. My hubby, the best thing that’s ever happened to me in this life, and continuing this Awesome with our son.

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    And Darkness Consumes Us

    Image via An ill wind is brewing. It rises in the west and carries forth its putrid air to my shores. I smell its approach as it crests wave tops and mountain peaks, sliding and slithering into the depths of my subconscious. I feel it coming, an insidious plague of foul breath upon my loved ones, a stench of malady injected into the ties that bind. Eroding and corroding away at love and tenderness until nothing but emptiness and rage are left. Shoo you foul wind. Be gone you odious letch, let the demons snatch you back from whence you came.