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    You know what I love?The randomness of this blog. Take for example the last post, Babysitting! And today’s post? PUGZ! I love it. The update, BTW, on babysitter hunting? We caught one and she’s currently serving time at our house one day a week…. *BLISS* She’s here to help me, like today, so that I can accomplish those monumental tasks such as working making memes. Here’s the latest (I say that like I make them daily, not that I’ve only made four in the last four years): Happy Hump Day! Or should we say Slump Day for all those with Cinco de Mayo hangovers?

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    Pugs n Food

    Can you find the puggie in this bagel photo? In case you didn’t know, I have two pugs, aka: jokers, babies, cats, big dog in lil’ dog bodies. You get the idea. I grew up with labs, the very trainable loyal family dog that is ubiquitous here and just about everywhere in the nation. Note I said trainable. Pugs for the most part are untrainable. Or I should say, you can spend your entire life trying to train them. Our rescue pugs are very good puggies, they sit/stay/go lie down/leave it. Very good puggies. That is, as long as you don’t have food. They know that people food is not…

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    Pug and the Love of Food

    Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna (credit: Wikipedia) by Louis-Michel van Loo (1759)Moscow, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.  If the Labrador is a Noble in the Court of Dogs then the Pug is surely it’s Jester. The Pug can trace its comedic and human loving ways all the way back to before 400 BCE where they graced royal laps in the Chinese Shang Dynasty. These days Pugs are gracing the laps of more than just courtesans, one set in particular share a house here in Portland, Oregon with my husband and I. Before I dive into this short and entertaining post on our two comedians I want to thank Lisa for hosting me today as we continue our…