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    Lil’ Bit of Whimsy~

    Around October I took a writing break for the holidays and made a Halloween tote to wrestle all my kids sweaters, baby shoes, water bottles and my Chapstick around in. After making one, I needed to make another for fall harvest/thanksgiving and just like that it was on like Donkey Kong for Christmas. Numbers 3 & 4 I made for our Indian family for Diwali (Hindu holiday much like Christmas here in the US) then the rest I made for Christmas for myself or my mom or sold. Next up: Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! I am back at my desk from the holidays – officially – so…

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    Flower Floozie Monday

    Flower Floozie Monday isn’t a thing but wouldn’t it be nice if it were?? #flowerfloozieMonday I’m sadly lacking flowers this year. Several years back I owned a different home, a home in which my over exuberant 20-something self thought planting 120 flower plants in place of a front lawn would be a stellar idea. Now, I have a new home and more sense (and vastly less time) so I have two roses, a tomato (it’s in bloom) and sad dying hanging basket petunias. #flowerfloozieMonday will be a short run of just four plants. Though, the wild weeds along the path to our mailbox down the street has potential… Stay tuned!…

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    Salt Dough Baby!

    I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while and now have a few moments of time. Actually I started back in May with this project and now as I let my four month old oversleep by two hours (yikes!! I hope he sleeps through the night tonight!) I’ve finally finished it – YEAH! Ever want to capture your baby’s feet and hand prints for a quick prezzy for family? Say for the Grandparent’s Day you forgot about? :0) Or if you’re like me and want to do a project without leaving the house to do it, that’s where salt dough comes in. No doubt, the ingredients are already…

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    Gift Horse

    I find myself sitting down at the computer now with something odd in my life: time. I know that at this very moment I am looking a gift horse straight in the mouth… but really, what am I to do with all this time? My son is sleeping longer and I know it won’t last. There are a million things that I can do in this time but I find myself wanting to do, surprisingly, nothing. I shall eat bonbons and gaze lovingly up the nostrils of this gift horse. Thank you very much.

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    Kill Them – Kill Them ALL!

    [image via] I am, of course, talking about ants. Ever walk into your kitchen at night to get a glass of water and as you stand there at the sink you rest your hand on the counter only to find that your hand starts to tickle? Wondering what it is that’s making your hand tickle you turn on the kitchen light to find that your nice white soapstone countertops are instead a moving mass of black? Then you know the feeling of instant horror that then morphs into homicidal rage – all while the hairs on the back of your neck are standing on end. ANTS. This morning, instead of…

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    Fall’s Bounty

    Thankfully my second trimester has arrived in its full fledged form and has returned to me my appetite and love for all things edible. This morning I realized that we had a ton of veggies and fruit from our Bountiful Basket and farm visit so what’s a girl to do with bacon, onion, apples, potatoes and eggs?? Answer (written in pregnancy hunger exclamation): EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE!! That’s right! Chop, saute, top with two eggs and devour. Start with some bacon… Add diced onions….. Once browned, chop and add potato and apple…. Top with a sunny-side up egg (or if you’re prego, make it two). That’s it! And now,…

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    A Writer’s Life: Pretty Nails

    Holiday matching is of utmost importance. Being a starving artist makes for interesting shopping. When I was laden with money while working as a marketing exec I wouldn’t bother buying nail polish, I’d have someone do my nails. If I had the time. I was known for keeping them short and unobtrusive so that they didn’t clash with my work outfits or make typing a pain in the ass. I didn’t realize what joy I was missing. Now, being an uber thrift – a quality I inherited from my grandfather and a skill I exploited in my teens – I’m addicted to little joys. Like nail polish. It’s a cheap…

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    Sisyphus Revisited

    In my last Sisyphus blog post I wrote of my punishment of having to roll a large burden up a hill only to have it roll back over me, rinse and repeat. This is the light at the end of the tunnel update. Thanks to the Google+ digital publishing community I discovered Sigil. Sigil is a free software (but they take donations!) that will take your manuscript and convert it to epub. Due to the epub I was getting from Adobe InDesign it was coming up with loads of errors when I put it through the ropes. That was the problem with the awesome error checker was that it would…

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    Fertility Part III of III

    What can you do to become pregnant? We all look for ways to find that one thing that we’re doing wrong so we can change it and miraculously become pregnant. I say miraculously because that’s exactly what it’s like. There’s not any one thing that will bring about a pregnancy (besides putting the eel in the cave), no silver bullet. You have to give up trying in order to succeed. Giving up to succeed is the polar opposite of the American ideal. The American ideal is: We must try harder! Force our position in life! Grapple with our enemies to succeed! Get up before dawn and work out, go to…